Where only Legends are Produced

Corporate Hip Hop Label to reach and reteach Hebrews that Have the power to make things change.

Welcome to Where Legends take their role in the world.

     Started in 2006, after a number of name changes, Producing Legends Solo
artist and CEO had the idea that no artist should be screwed out of any rights to their music. Instead they should be honored. So he now only take artists, throw them on hot beats and let them flourish. he himself has made major advances to where he is currently No. 1 Rapper  for Corpus Christi and its surrounding areas. Just click here to view his stats. His dream is the same as any CEO with a twist, to become a major influence in the world community and actually bring about change that no one has been able to bring.

     Being An Artist for twelve years gave me a great in depth view of the music industry, the do's and the don'ts. First off don't release a song until it is mixed and mastered to perfection and don't let anyone hear it until it is copywritten. Even though stuff like that is common sense, it gets way deeper than that. And that is  why I run my label differently from others I deal with the hits (legends), and might produce an album. If I do produce an album it will be a compilation of the hits I have invested into. Artists come and get a beat and we make it a hit getting it spins on the radio and in clubs until they are picked up by another label that is willing to put more money into them.


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Take us anywhere with our new Android app PL Plus in the google Play store at, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appsbar.PLPlus80957&feature=search_result#?t=W10. And for all you iPhone and iPad users check out our app at: http://appsbar.mobi/975a42

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